Empowering Independence in the Bathroom - Mobility Genie

Toilet Seat Raiser

Available in 2”,4” & 6”; this will make getting on and off the toilet much easier, particularly for people who have difficulties with sit-to-stand transfers. A raised toilet seat assists in relieving pressure in areas such as the hips, knees, and lower back, as well as reducing the sit-to-stand distance for those who have difficulties balancing. 


Drop Down Rail


A drop down rail beside the toilet is ideal for assisting a person to get on and off the toilet. This will help to reduce pressure on the joints when squatting down and standing up. Paired with a toilet seat raiser this will also support an individual who has difficulties with their balance. 


Grab Rails


    Plastic fluted grab rails provide a person with extra support when mobilizing in the bathroom, particularly when the floor may be wet. Due to the rails being plastic fluted, they will also enhance your grasp when the hands are wet, reducing chances of slipping. 


    Shower Stool


      A shower stool is a great addition to the bathroom for people who are especially at risk of or have a fear of falling when showering. This fear or risk can cause individuals to avoid showering therefore, using a shower stool will promote good hygiene as well as independence. Paired with items such as a long handle sponge, this will make reaching to the feet and lower legs easier and safer for individuals. 


      Sure Thread Bath/ Shower Mat


      While a grab rail will make it easier to mobilise within the shower, there is still a possibility of slipping on the wet ground. A shower mat (or bath mat), can help to reduce this possibility by providing a grip to the foot due to the mat’s sure threading underfoot. This will help a person’s confidence to shower independently by attempting to eliminate as many falls risks as possible.


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